Kibi embodies the most advanced

technologies available today

Kibi AI Engine

Kibi collects over time a large amount of data. Kibi Ai Engine is based on Artificial Intelligence methods that allow Kibi to analyze big data, reason, solve problems, plan, learn and act accordingly.


This technology allows wearable and non-wearable devices to be detected and connected, to communicate data about yourself, to access information aggregated with other devices, including those related to voice communication.

Cloud Computing

It allows Kibi to manage the large variety of individual installations in a scalable way, guaranteeing reliability, security and sustainable costs.


The security of user data, together with the complete traceability of all the decisions taken by Kibi, are managed using blockchain technology.

Home automation

Home automation devices and related standards are consolidated in the market. Teseo integrates, where useful, home automation systems and devices.


Kibi communicates with the assisted person and caregivers (relatives, services) through a pleasant and effective interface.

Wearable sensors

Teseo is experimenting with the integration of new types of sensors such as T-shirts, glasses, footwear, which can be useful for specific users.

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