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Kibi is an innovative system to support partially autonomous people who wish to maintain their independence, help family members in assisting them without invading their privacy and improve efficiency of guest services provided by care facilities. Kibi includes a wearable device (Kibi wear) and devices to be placed in the house (Kibi near). Installing Kibi is very simple: a wizard allows you to record some phone numbers to alert in case of need and a brief description of the daily activities of the person assisted. It can be used in individual apartments and care facilities. Teseo offers customized solutions to care facilities, hospitals, senior living companies, based on specific needs.

Kibi wear

The device, to be worn on the wrist or on the belt, detects the so-called Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), i.e. the activities performed daily regarding movement, rest, nutrition, personal hygiene. The detection of these activities makes it possible to measure the person’s well-being index, her/his level of independence and changes over time.
Kibi identifies both remarkable ADLs and important events such as falls and dizzy spells and learns the person’s habits. This allows recognizing anomalous behaviours, which may require external intervention.

Kibi app

The communication with the caregivers is designed for a simple interaction via app on smartphones or PCs in the internet, with different levels of detail. Kibi app allows you to receive alerts and a brief description of the activities carried out by the assisted people and possibly speak directly with them.

Kibi near

They are self-powered devices of reduced size to be placed in the different rooms. Environmental sensors identify the position of the individual person, exchange information with Kibi wear and communicate it to Kibi AI Engine. They are particularly useful for environments where two or more elderly people live together: in case of need they allow to carry out targeted interventions.

Kibi AI Engine

Kibi Ai Engine is the software platform that can reside in the cloud or on a server. It is based on artificial intelligence methods that allow Kibi to analyze big data, reason, solve problems, plan, learn and act accordingly. It manages automatic alert messages to preset numbers. It ensures data security and traceability through advanced blockchain-based techniques.


Kibi speech

Kibi can include a vocal interface for a friendly interaction with the person through the Kibi AI Engine voice assistant: it intervenes when necessary, generating alarms or through dialogue. It is possible to call the attention of Kibi, in case of need and start talking.




each assisted person


through natural dialogue


the posture, to intervene quickly in case of falls or dizzy spells


reports anomalies to a relative, friend or service centres


the activities of the person related to the ADLs


to carry out typical activities of daily life


habits and identifies abnormal behaviours

Can integrate

safety and home automation devices

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