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Who is Kibi

Kibi is an innovative system which helps partially autonomous people to maintain their independence and allows their relatives to assist them without invading their privacy. Kibi offers care facilities the possibility of improving the efficiency of their services to the guests.

Kibi Wear

The wearable device detects daily activities related to movement, rest, nutrition, personal hygiene, as well as falls or dizzy spells. This allows measuring the level of well-being of the person and drawing attention to possible anomalies.
Kibi App
The application allows you to receive alerts and a brief description of the activities carried out by the persons assisted and possibly speak directly with them.

Kibi near

The environmental sensors identify the position of every person monitored, exchange information with Kibi wear and communicate it to Kibi AI Engine for processing and acting accordingly.

Kibi AI Engine

It collects data, processes them and learns habits in order to discriminate standard situations from anomalous events. It manages automatic alert messages to preset phone numbers. Ensures data security and traceability through advanced blockchain-based techniques
Through technology potentialities and the love of relatives, Kibi helps our loved ones to live a healthier and more independent life.

Kibi learns

Kibi learns the gestures and habits of the single person. In this way it is able to distinguish usual behaviours and anomalous situations that may need assistance. It is also able to detect changes in habits over time that can show a progressive motor or cognitive degradation.

Kibi acts

When Kibi detects a possible anomaly (for example a fall), it first warns the person, hence avoiding false alarms. If the person asks for help or does not answer, Kibi sends the alert message to the family or the assistance staff. The system verifies that the call is taken over.

Kibi communicates

A person’s well-being also depends on good habits. Kibi realizes that during the day the person does not perform or performs too rarely healthy activities: for example if the person drinks very seldom or lead a too sedentary life. In this case, it invites the person to improve her/his habits to keep a healthier lifestyle.


Kibi locates

each assisted person


the activities of the person related to the ADLs


through natural dialogue


to carry out typical activities of daily life


the posture, to intervene quickly in case of falls or dizzy spells


habits and identifies abnormal behaviours

Automatically reports

anomalies to a relative, friend or service centres

Can integrate

safety and home automation devices

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